Pitt Worx Update and Outage, Nov. 19 - 21

The Pitt Worx system will be down for maintenance and will be unavailable from Friday, November 19 at 9:00 p.m. ET until Sunday, November 21 at 9:00 p.m. ET. During this time, employees will be unable to access Pitt Worx.

Those who need to submit time cards for the week of November 14 – November 20 should plan to do so before or after the outage period; time cards cannot be submitted during the system outage. As a reminder, time cards must be submitted and approved by 12 noon on Monday, November 22.

What’s New in Pitt Worx

The Pitt Worx update brings some minor enhancements to system functionality. Beginning on November 22, users can visit the Pitt Worx Hub to access the following updates:

  • Change Salary Employee Action: The default date on the Change Salary employee action now defaults to m/d/yyyy instead of today’s date. This is the same functionality that was released in a system upgrade earlier in 2021 for Change Assignment and Termination employee actions.
  • Future Salary Action: A warning message will display if there is a future salary action on the record. No action is necessary upon this message displaying; it is only to inform the user of the future salary action.
  • Personal Payment Methods: A warning message will display when the user adds or changes a Bank Account that says, “You must also add a payment method to be paid into your bank account.” No action is necessary upon this message displaying; it is only to inform the user that a payment method should be added to be paid into the intended bank account.

For further questions or concerns about Pitt Worx, please submit an inquiry at www.hr.pitt.edu/contact-ohr.