Pitt Worx Reminder: What You Need to Know for the Launch

Dear University Colleagues,

We are fast-approaching January 4, 2021, which marks our first day taking the current human resources and payroll systems to the cloud—also known as Pitt Worx.

Pitt Worx is Here!

With Pitt Worx comes streamlined processes, a modern, user-friendly interface, and enhanced services for the entire University community. Categorized into five modules, Pitt Worx is replacing the self-service, benefits, payroll, and time management functions of PRISM. The first module of Pitt Worx, Talent Center, enhanced the University’s hiring practices in 2018.

There are numerous reference guides and resources available on the Pitt Worx Hub on SharePoint to help you get started in Pitt Worx and be prepared for January 4. With the new system comes an update to the current timecard submission process, and we recommend you review the updated processes in advance of submitting your first timecard in Pitt Worx. More resources on submitting timecards for the week beginning on December 27, and a getting started guide, will be available to you in an announcement when access to Pitt Worx begins on January 4.

Time Keeping Deadlines

The importance of accurate data conversion before the new system launches cannot be overstated, which is why we are following up on our November message regarding preparation for Pitt Worx. It is important for every employee and student worker to continue ensuring you are meeting the applicable data entry deadlines based on the systems you access and your responsibilities.

The most important deadlines for all employees pertain to the final timecards to be submitted in PRISM TRKS and the first timecards to be submitted in Pitt Worx:

  • Week of December 13 - 19: Timecards must be submitted and approved by Noon on Monday, December 21 (via PRISM TRKS)
  • Week of December 20 - 26: Timecards must be submitted and approved by Noon on Wednesday, December 23 (via PRISM TRKS)
  • Week of December 27 - January 2: Timecards cannot be submitted via PRISM TRKS; timecards must be submitted in Pitt Worx between January 4 - January 7, 2021 (deadline of Noon on Thursday, January 7)
  • Week of January 3 - January 10: Timecards must be submitted and approved by Noon on Monday, January 11 (via Pitt Worx)

All holiday and recess time should be recorded as outlined in the recent timecard deadline and time keeping announcement.

For any questions regarding system access and data entry deadlines, please contact your department administrator or your area’s Pitt Worx Champion.



David N. DeJong

Vice Chancellor of Human Resources and Acting Senior Vice Chancellor of Business and Operations

Mark Henderson

Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer

Hari Sastry

Senior Vice Chancellor and Chief Financial Officer