Exempt (Monthly Pay) Exception Time Cards in Pitt Worx

For exempt (monthly pay) employees:

Effective January 4, 2021 (for the week beginning on December 27, 2020), exempt staff are only required to submit exception time cards for time off. Hours worked do not need to be reported, and a weekly time card is no longer required, except for those weeks when exception time off is taken. University holiday and recess time is not considered exception time off, and also does not need to be reported.  

Exception time is for accrued time taken off such as vacation, sick, and personal time, and other absences like jury duty, bereavement, parental leave, etc. These exempt exception time card hours types are available in Pitt Worx:

  • E-Bereavement
  • E-Jury Duty
  • E-Military Paid
  • E-Parental Leave
  • E-Vacation
  • E-Personal Time
  • E-Sick Time
  • E-FMLA Vacation
  • E-FMLA Personal Time
  • E-FMLA Sick Time
  • E-Approved Absence

More information about time keeping in advance of the winter recess can be found on the Office of Human Resources website.