As the University continues the transition to Pitt Worx, we aim to provide access to education materials and a variety of different ways to learn how to perform your daily activities in Pitt Worx. Although this currently just consists of hiring processes and best practices in Talent Center, we are constantly updating Talent Center resources based on feedback and system developments to best serve the University community. 

Find the education style that best fits your needs and schedule:

Pitt Worx Reference Guides

Easy-to-understand, step-by-step guides to using Talent Center based on the job type you are hiring for.

Virtual Education Sessions (University Calendar)

Instructor-led, webinar-style sessions provide you the opportunity to have your questions answered while learning how to use Talent Center. Information on how to register or attend can be found on that session in the University Calendar. 

How-To and Click-Through Prerecorded Education Session Videos

Similar to the virtual education sessions, these pre-recorded videos are narrated by a Pitt Worx instructor and are split into chapters to skip directly to the section you need help with! Click-through videos allow you to learn how to use Pitt Worx in a more hands-on format.