Our Team

The Pitt Worx team is made up of multiple teams focusing on different tasks and objectives to complete one goal, collaboratively. Additionally, a steering committee composed of officers and executives directs our efforts. There is also an HR Transformation Council of administrators that advise and guide the Office of Human Resources in gaining insights and guiding decisions.

Project Leadership

Monte Ciotto Associate Vice Chancellor of FIS
Dave DeJong Interim Vice Chancellor of HR


Project Management Team

Dianne DeNezza Project Manager
Michelle Fullem Project Manager
Jeanne Garver Project Manager
Jason Killmeyer Project & Data Manager


Change Readiness Team

Shahfar Shaari Director of Organizational Transformation
Nichole Dwyer Director of Communications
Jennifer Theleen Communications Manager
Sarah Kegerreis Communications Specialist
Balazs Kudelasz Learning Specialist

Core Project Team

Karen Bird FIS
Jason Brobeck FIS
Julie Crites Payroll
Mariah Dickert HRIS Specialist
Jim Eiben Time & Labor
Jyotsna Fulay FIS
Nadine Hlad FIS
Aynsley Jimenz Functional Lead
Keith Kapusta Functional Lead
Rachel Kardell FIS
Kristen Korbich Functional Lead
Victoria Lancaster University Records
Nancy Patuc FIS
Wendy Perrott Payroll
John Scifo FIS
Michael Terak FIS