As Pitt Worx progresses, the project module timelines will be updated. More specific dates will be added as they become available and some dates may be adjusted as the project develops.

Image of timeline 2018 to 2022 showing module icons as markers. Date information by module is available in the text below.

Talent Center

December 17, 2018 - New career site, join.pitt.edu, goes live

December 17, 2018 - Talent Center goes live (students, ALL-TEMPS, & staff)

January 2019 - Education on Talent Center


2020 - Payroll system goes live

Core HR

Core HR

2020 - Core HR system goes live


2020 - Benefits system goes live

Time & Labor

2020 - Time & Labor System goes live


2019 - Chart of Accounts optimization evaluation

2019 - Financials discovery phase begins

Planning & Budgeting

June 2018 - PBCS Phase I went live