Champion Program

Our Champions

Champions perform as compelling communicators and/or educators of the Pitt Worx system, ensuring University colleagues receive accurate information about system functionality, its value to the University, and the benefits of its adoption.

Champions utilize enablement tools provided by the Pitt Worx Change Readiness Team to address questions and concerns communicated by colleagues. Once to twice a month, Champions participate in scheduled update meetings across campus to learn about Pitt Worx’s capabilities and examine resources regarding the system, its implementation, and related activities to share with colleagues. They interact with other Champions to transfer knowledge and experiences, devise best practices, and share perspective on the best means for introducing Pitt Worx to colleagues and promoting its adoption.

Change Readiness Objectives for End-Users

  • Availability of ample tools for end-users to achieve necessary system proficiency by go-live
  • On-going training and readily accessible documentation to answer system/process-related question
  • Clear awareness of where to find reference resources for guidance on system actions and features
  • Ability to quickly and easily communicate requests for system assistance
  • Awareness of system value proposition to the University at-large, and improvements to their day-to-day operations
  • Ability to provide feedback and suggestions for system improvements
  • Awareness of system capabilities and a roadmap of ongoing system improvements 

Becoming a Champion

If you're interested in joining the Pitt Worx Champions, please complete this form no later than Wednesday, August 12. Need more information? Review the Pitt Worx Champions job description.

Already a Champion?

Check out the Champion Resources page.